Why Choose Us

  • SR offers specialised expertise in funding and structures with it's extensive knowledge on financial regulations.
  • Wide-network with Banks, NBFCs, Equity Funds, Special Situation Funds and ARCs
  • SR adds value with its interpretation of pricing-structure and term-sheet in fund raising
  • SR has global reach in international listing, collaboration & investment, through its network of associates
  • SR has in-depth knowledge about the intricacies when it comes to complex SARFAESI & IBC contexts
  • SR brings to the table various options in resolving non-performing assets
  • SR gets the best possible restructuring from ARCs

Clients facing difficult and unique situations have found SR meeting their needs always with innovative solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of financial advice do you provide?

We provide advisory services on project promotion, term loan and working capital funding, equity funding, special situation funding and non performing asset resolution. We also provide NCLT &IBC advisory. In addition, we advise on acquisition of companies, assets, international collaborations, listing and project promotion.

We have received notice under IBC. Could you assist us to resolve it?

Yes. We could offer our advisory services to your company.

We are a company with profitable operation. We wish to sell our business. Could you find a buyer?

We are experienced in this domain. If your company’s operation and financials are attractive enough, we could do that.

Our company is looking for a strategic partner. Could you identify one?

Both strategic investment and partnership are possible. We could work with you in executing the strategic tie-up.

What is your international listing service?

If your company wish to establish itself at Singapore or London and get listed in the stock exchanges there, we could provide the required advisory services.